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I got two sculpts on blender artists top row!! cool.



Blender Cycles procedural dirt and cracks.

I will make a tutorial on how to make a dirt + cracks shader in cycles, until then, here’s a screenshot:

Woman Wip

My try at sculpting a full woman figure in Blender. It’s not ZBrush, but it’s quite good as long as you don’t need millions of polys



An old unfinished project, just some basic sculpting, not very detailed. I want to make something ou of it, maybe…

Prueba con Blender. Blender test

© Juan Romero

Explorando visualización arquitectónica e iluminación interior con Blender. Un solo punto de luz (sol) e iluminación del cielo.

Exploring Arch viz and lighting on Blender. One lamp (sun) and sky. Had to cancel render but will make another one with at least 1K samples